This Santa, who zealously prays at the icon, was caught on video. That’s what happened

Set up your Christmas tree, hang your stockings by the fireplace, and start shopping for gifts because Christmas is coming up fast. It’s that time of year again, when we sing Christmas songs, watch Christmas movies, and spend time with friends and family.

Most importantly, it’s when we wait for Santa to bring us our Christmas gifts. That is, if we aren’t on his list of bad people.

Aside from that, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a picture of Santa Claus riding his sleigh full of gifts. Santa Claus, also called “Father Christmas,” is a legendary figure who is known for bringing gifts to the homes of good kids on Christmas Eve.

This Santa, who zealously prays at the icon, was caught on video. That's what happened

They can be seen in shopping malls and stores all over the country, giving children joy and hope. They make every experience so amazing and memorable that kids leave with big smiles on their faces.

One Santa showed how kind he was in a sweeter and more interesting way.

A kind Santa came up to a woman from Texas while she was at work. She was so moved by what he did that she had to take his picture. But it wasn’t when Santa talked to a child and gave them Christmas gifts.

A child has a hard time being in the hospital at Christmas. The child has to spend Christmas in a hospital instead of with family and friends around a big Christmas tree.

Parents and people who work in hospitals do everything they can to make things better. They ask a happy Santa Claus to come see these kids and make their day better. But these trips might be hard for the big man who is full of presents.

The place where Mariana Whitley Tumlinson works is the Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville. Santa Claus was hired by the hospital where she worked to visit the young patients. Santa made the kids laugh and did his best to make them happy.

This Santa, who zealously prays at the icon, was caught on video. That's what happened

When he asked Mariana where the chapel was, he was about to leave.

He told Mariana that he would like to pray for the kids. Mariana was moved by his plea, so she led him to the chapel and then left him alone. When she went back inside, what she saw moved her.

Santa Claus was kneeling in front of a picture of Jesus and saying a prayer with all his heart.

She said on the Facebook post below that this picture keeps drawing her in. Santa stopped by their church today on his way out of the hospital after seeing their patients. He asked if he could go inside to pray for the kids he had just seen. Yes, she said. She didn’t walk in with him right away, but when she did, she was so moved by what she saw that she had to take a picture of it. What a great way to remember why the season is there. The reason for the season is Santa Claus.

Christmas is more than just a time to give and receive gifts. It’s also a time to remember when Jesus Christ was born. It’s the time of year to be kind, humble, and loving to our neighbours. And this Santa with a good heart was doing everything right.

We hope you will be nice all year, not just during the holidays. Have a Merry Christmas!

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